Game Consoles

Today, game consoles are one of the best-selling products around the globe. The fanaticism of its followers, for playing each of the games created by the various production companies, has led to the fact that this industry earns millions of dollars every year.

This is because game consoles are not only used by minors. The fanaticism for game consoles has reached people with an advanced age. For the same reason, it is no longer surprising to see an adult together with his son or brother, playing a popular video game. In fact, studies show that the use of these consoles by young adults has been increasing, and it is a common practice for new generations.

The games, formerly came in the format of cartridges adaptable to consoles. Which brought all the information, necessary, for the console to reproduce it and thus it could be played by means of controls on a television; This was the case with the traditional Atari, where classics such as Pac-Man and Space Invaders were played.

Modern gaming consoles are a veritable small PC, with even more powerful and dedicated processors than those used by home computers. Currently, most consoles use video games in DVD format.

The traditional joystick has been replaced by game pads and other similar devices, which favor the use of buttons over the use of levers, and have modern and ergonomic designs.

Even modern game consoles have built-in DVD movie players. They can also read music CDs, so they have been incorporating a greater number of features. Which makes them more versatile, with which, they expand their range of use and thus manage to increase their target audience. Because if an adult buys one of the game consoles, he can watch movies, listen to music and his son can play his favorite video games.

The popularity of consoles has also worried many, especially parents of teenagers. Among the negative aspects of video games is the fact that they can be very time consuming; experts say that this practice should be rationalized so that daily obligations, social contact and other chores are not abandoned or neglected. As for the popular hypothesis that game consoles incentivize violence, this has been shown not to be directly related. Studies say that a normal child has no problem distinguishing real life from a video game; on the other hand, in violent people they could have negative effects, encouraging aggressiveness. Now, among the positive effects of computer games we have the increase in the ability to solve problems, development of perseverance, memory, and quick thinking when making decisions. Resource management and logistics also apply. The interesting thing is that many of these powers are not covered by the traditional curriculum in schools.

Game consoles were born back in the 70’s. More specifically in 1979. Where the company Milton Bradley Microvision, launched the first of the game consoles, based on the video game system in cartridge format. But the attraction for game consoles did not last long, since in the 80s, they passed without pain or glory.

It was not until the Nintendo company released its famous game consoles. In particular it marked the entry into the market, the Nintendo Game Boy. A type of portable game console, a situation that deeply caught the attention of children and young people.

With the emergence of Nintendo and with the passing of the years, the graphics of video games improved remarkably. The video games of that time, had no point of comparison, with the first that could be seen in the market. It is thanks to this type of technological advance, that game consoles, more than once again, occupy a special place in children’s and youth entertainment in homes.

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